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Real impact means addressing root causes, valuing effectiveness over efficiency, and ensuring your giving creates meaningful, enduring transformations.

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Our Mission

Cultiva International is dedicated to eliminating internal and external poverty by teaching people how to grow their own food, and thereby showing them that they have the power to improve their own life.




Empowering Families Year-Round

We’re a mentoring program transforming lives in Guatemala. Our mission is clear: we provide classes and ongoing support to create lasting change. But the need is immense, and to reach more families, we need your support.

On our 10th anniversary, we aim to expand to 1,000 new families in Santa Lucia.

Every Dollar Directly Fuels Our Program

Your contribution is powerful! Join our 10-year celebration with a monthly donation as low as $10. It may seem small, but every $10 monthly pledge propels us toward our goal.

Will you commit to giving monthly for one year and be a catalyst for change?

What is The Garden?

The Garden is a special group of individuals who give monthly contributions because they want every person to have: hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their families.  Garden Members want to change lives by empowering others. We teach people to garden instead of just giving them a meal.


Why Gardens?

We teach families in Guatemala how to improve their family’s nutrition and lift themselves out of poverty. We help families in Guatemala find hope for a better life. We don’t do handouts that foster dependence. We mentor families and foster independence so that people can help themselves. When they realize they can help themselves, that changes everything.

Cultiva is a sustainable project, with little to no “overhead” costs, that not only successfully interrupts the cycle of chronic malnutrition in the Mayan population, it also empowers the people with knowledge and hope for the future.


– Catherine R.

Cultiva is an exemplary humanitarian organization that teaches a hands-on approach to sustainability through farming. If you’re ready to experience what matters most in life, become part of the Cultiva community!


– Angela P.

What I love about Cultiva is that it’s so effective at actually helping. It’s helping to solve such a crucial world problem, and not just a way for us to feel good about being charitable for a week.


– Angela U.

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