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Your support allows us to come alongside families who have suffered from chronic poverty and chronic malnutrition. You provide more than a meal. You provide a relationship. Your support means that families can go through our training programs so they can grow food at their own home and have access to ongoing education and mentorship. Food in bellies and hope in hearts.

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We have one goal right now: To close the gap.

Covid-19 has put a stop to all humanitarian groups coming to Guatemala. That means we’ve lost a huge number of volunteer hours — and about half of our revenue for our operational expenses. When people have come to Guatemala in past years on humanitarian trips they’ve not only given their time, they’ve given their money. Part of the cost of joining a humanitarian trip includes funds that go directly to supporting the core mission of Cultiva. Because the country has been shut down due to Covid-19, those humanitarian groups are not coming to Guatemala.

That’s half of our annual budget. Gone.

You can help us close the gap by joining The Garden, an exemplary community of monthly givers who want every person to have hope, food security and the dignity to provide for their families.

Help us close the gap. Together we can fight poverty. Together we can ensure that every person has hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their family.

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Help Us Close the Gap


If we give away food without doing anything to address chronic poverty we perpetuate a cycle of dependence. If we come and offer a relationship but offer no practical help we are like false prophets of hope.

At Cultiva, we do both. We address practical needs today and enter into a mentoring relationship to address root problems.

We put food in bellies and hope in hearts.

- Greg Jensen, CO-Founder and Director

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