Ana Guit



Ana Guit is from San Jose Chacaya, Solola where she was the youngest of six children in her family. She has never worked outside her home until she was first hired personally by Cultiva’s co-founders Greg and Lucy Jensen to work in their home. Like many people who Cultiva works with, Spanish is not her first language. This is something many people don’t realize when they come to Guatemala. Ana’s first language is a Mayan dialect called Kaqchikel. Since she was only able to get through 4th grade, she didn’t speak very much Spanish but she did know enough to be able to communicate and learn how to clean and cook. She and her sisters were a few of our first participants of Cultiva and have their own garden boxes.  She started working for Cultiva in 2017. In that time, she has learned more Spanish, how to follow recipes and her self confidence has grown. She now buys all the food and prepares all the meals for our volunteers who come and work with us. She used to be very shy and quiet but now is very comfortable talking to and making friends with everyone she meets. This is the transition we strive for at Cultiva. We want to deal with internal poverty. We want to empower people and make them feel like they can change their own lives. She is very happy to have a job with Cutliva and that Cultiva is helping her people. Ana is vital to our overall mission of helping people lift themselves out of chronic poverty. You can sponsor her employment with Cultiva with an annual gift of $6,000 or a monthly gift of $500. Your gift will cover all of the costs associated with her annual employment — salary, benefits, and all Guatemala employment taxes and fees. You will be providing for Ana and her family and making it possible for her to work to advance the mission of Cultiva.

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The Garden is a special group of individuals who give monthly contributions because they want every person to have: hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their families.Garden Members want to change lives by empowering others. We teach people to  garden instead of just giving them a meal. Join The Garden today.

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