Manuel Gonzalez



Manuel González was born in Chichicastenango, Quiché. As a Mayan, his native language is K’iche. He’s a father of ten children and today he is passing on the lessons he first learned as a young boy working the land with his grandfather, who taught him that if he did not know how to work the land that he would starve. Teaching his sons and daughters how to work the land and connecting them to the same type of work his ancestors were involved in is important to Manuel — and he is grateful to share those same lessons with the broader community through his work with Cultiva. Manuel is one of the two gardeners who is in charge of taking care of Casa Cultiva’s Garden as well as the many garden boxes that we have in Panajachel. These gardens produce many vegetables that are used in preparing meals for our volunteer groups that come to Guatemala. They are also a showcase garden — and serve as a reminder to the people in the city of Panajachel what they are capable of doing on their own. Unlike the surrounding villages we work in, Panajachel is a tourist town and has largely survived from tourist dollars. As those dollars have disappeared due to Covid restrictions, city leaders are turning to Cultiva to help show them the way forward. Manuel’s careful stewardship of Casa Cultiva’s gardens has been like a form of advertising for Cultiva. You can sponsor his employment with Cultiva with an annual gift of $6,000 or a monthly gift of $500. Your gift will cover all of the costs associated with his annual employment — salary, benefits, and all Guatemala employment taxes and fees. You will be providing for Manuel and his family and making it possible for him to work to advance the mission of Cultiva.

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