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You can change the lives of families

Education- Mentoring-sustainable gardening

Your donation will help families grow their own food to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Help Families Grow Healthier from Seed to Plate all year-round

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As little as $5 per Month can change everything for a family

What is The Garden?

The Garden is a special group of individuals who give monthly contributions because they want every person to have: hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their families.
Garden Members want to change lives by empowering others. We teach people to garden instead of just giving them a meal.

Garden members and counting!


If we give away food without doing anything to address chronic poverty we perpetuate a cycle of dependence. If we come and offer a relationship but offer no practical help we are like false prophets of hope.

At Cultiva, we do both. We address practical needs today and enter into a mentoring relationship to address root problems.

We put food in bellies and hope in hearts.

- Greg Jensen, CO-Founder and Director


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