Help Ensure everyone has:
hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their families. 


Garden Members change lives by empowering othes.

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What is The Garden?

The Garden is a special group of individuals who give monthly contributions because they want every person to have: hope, food security, and the dignity to provide for their families.
Garden Members want to change lives by empowering others. We teach people to garden instead of just giving them a meal.

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Sara Chapman

We found Cultiva while we were vacationing in Guatemala back in 2017. I was hoping to find something for my children to be apart of while we were in that country and happened to meet another family from the states who were there doing one of their leadership retreats. This family told us about this organization and I immediately knew that we had to participate on our short stay in Guatemala. Greg and Lucy were so kind to allow us the opportunity to squeeze us in and work along side with the other group that had already been working. Our experience working along side the native Guatemalans will be something that I will always treasure. To see a mother use power tools and setup her garden box so that she could provide nourishment to her children had me emotional at times. We take for granted what we have in the states and it was a site to behold. The education that Cultiva provides will set them up for success. Not only in nourishment but in their self confidence and build a community to feeling empowered to change one child at a time.

Steve Monson

I’m a big fan of Cultiva! I’ve known the founders personally for over ten years and know that my donations are spent wisely. Even most of their administration expenses are poured back into the community as they are staffed by locals making those donated funds impactful on several levels. I look forward to supporting Cultiva for many more years to come.

Elizabeth R. Nielson, PH

Of all the charities I could donate to, I choose to donate to Cultiva International because they don’t just give a hand out–they give a hand UP. The program they have created empowers women and families to grow, harvest, prepare, and eat nutritious foods–foods that combat not only malnutrition of the body, but also malnutrition of the soul. Those at Cultiva understand that true poverty is more than just being economically poor, it is being poor in spirit, in opportunity, in hope. Cultiva’s program addresses all of these and truly provides those they serve with the education, skills, supplies, and support to become self-reliant. The fact that over 95% of the grow boxes installed are still in use and producing food for their owners is proof of Cultiva’s success. Founders, Greg & Lucy Jensen are truly committed to helping the families of Guatemala and making the world a better place. I’m so grateful for Cultiva and the opportunity to contribute to such a noble cause!

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Join the garden at any level in 2021 and your name OR the Name of a Loved One will be Permanently displayed at the Home Garden located at Casa Cultiva at the Cultiva International headquarters in Panajachel, Guatemala.