Juan Molina



Juan brought his green thumb to Cultiva several years ago to maintain the landscaping at Casa Cultiva, Cultiva’s volunteer housing in Panajachel. When he started to identify every flower and plant by name we knew he could do so much more. In some open space, Juan helped install and plant over 20 garden boxes, which he still maintains to this day.

Juan is single and has no extended family. He lives alone and lives very modestly. He has always stayed busy with a variety of odd jobs. He spent time in Guatemala City working, but has now been in Panajachel for over a decade. Juan takes pride in his work with Cultiva. He knows that the garden he cares for is often used as a training garden for groups and other organizations that come to train with Cultiva. He grows food that is used in meals prepared for our volunteers that come and stay at Casa Cultiva. Volunteers often ask “Did Cultiva grow this lettuce?” Thanks to Juan we can say “yes we did!”. You can sponsor his employment with Cultiva with an annual gift of $6,000 or a monthly gift of $500. When you sponsor an employee like Juan, you’re not only supporting Juan — you are supporting the hundreds of families he mentors and trains for Cultiva. Your gift will cover all of the costs associated with his annual employment — salary, benefits, and all Guatemala employment taxes and fees. You will be providing for Juan and making it possible for him to work to advance the mission of Cultiva.

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