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Raise Money, Do Good. Sarah and Tyler held a Garage Sale at their home in Utah to benefit Cultiva and raised more than $1,000. Ashley asked her friends to give to Cultiva on Facebook for her birthday and raised more than $500. Monica has raised more than $2,500 with her annual Christmas Goodies Basket and Ashley holds an annual bake sale to benefit Cultiva. You could have a Salad Bar Party and talk about Cultiva’s Garden Box Program. We have tools and resources to help make your fundraiser successful. 

Just click the button below and setup your fundraiser. With just a few clicks you will have your own unique link to share on social media or via email. You will also get access to a custom dashboard where you can track all the donations and track progress towards your goal!

Ambassador Program

Be a Cultiva Ambassador

Cultiva Ambassadors are champions of ensuring that all people have the hope of a better life, food security, and the dignity of providing for their own family. Cultiva Ambassadors commit to annual fundraising goals for Cultiva and work with the Cultiva Team to establish goals for sharing the Cultiva Story. Ambassadors are also invited to an annual retreat in Guatemala. This is a great program for people of all ages, especially high school and college students building their resume and life experience.

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We have created easy to share Facebook posts for you to share with your friends to help spread the word about Cultiva. Send emails we’ve drafted for you with just a few clicks. Download our images to share on Instagram and other social media accounts.

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Humanitarian Trips

Come see first hand the change hope caN make in a family’s life

The Cultiva Fellowship

Cultiva Fellows

What is a Cultiva Fellowship? It’s like an internship, but more.
Cultiva Fellowships are similar to an internship in which our fellows are typically college-aged or recent college graduates. They come to Guatemala and work with our administrative team and we make a lot of important progress thanks to the hours they commit and all of their hard work. But where typical “internships” are about an organization getting as much as they can out of an intern, a Cultiva Fellowship is also about the investment we are making in the life of this young person. Our goal is that by investing in the lives of these young people now, they will be involved in effective humanitarian work over the course of their entire lives. Cultiva Fellows will go on to work with other humanitarian organizations as staff, volunteers, and donors.

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