MJ Pereira


Introducing Maria Jose, affectionately known as MJ, the Administrative Director of Cultiva International. MJ’s journey is a testament to her unyielding commitment to operational excellence and community welfare.

With a law degree, MJ serves as the backbone of Cultiva’s day-to-day operations. She ensures that everything runs smoothly. Her legal acumen and meticulous attention to detail keep Cultiva compliant and credible, fostering trust with governing authorities in Guatemala.

MJ’s journey in humanitarian service began at the United Nations, World Vision, and Compassion International. Her extensive interface with a myriad of NGOs both locally and internationally reflects her profound dedication to impacting lives and shaping positive change.

Beyond her professional triumphs, MJ finds solace and purpose in her role as a loving mother to three children. Her commitment to their well-being is mirrored in her dedication to nurturing communities and individuals through her work at Cultiva International.

In her words, MJ acknowledges the privilege of providing for her children while elevating the lives of those less fortunate. Her humility and devotion embody the values that lie at the heart of Cultiva, exemplifying the spirit of empowerment, compassion, and meaningful impact.

With MJ, Cultiva International thrives as a beacon of operational excellence, community empowerment, and legal integrity. Her multifaceted journey from law to humanitarian work weaves a tale of dedication and a relentless pursuit of meaningful change.

We are currently looking for a donor to sponsor her salary and other costs associated with her employment and work to advance our mission. Your gift will make it possible for MJ to change lives.  Please contact Cultiva International’s Donor Relations Manager Adriana Sánchez at adriana@cultivainternational.org or call 202-741-9717 for more information.

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