Greg Jensen

Meet Greg Jensen, Co-founder and Director of Cultiva International. With a fervent belief in the power of sustainable development, Greg has dedicated his life to pioneering an initiative that empowers underserved communities in Guatemala.

Greg has a background in the corporate world, as well as in entrepreneurship and social change. His journey has been marked by a profound commitment to creating meaningful impact. As a Co-founder of Cultiva International, he has shaped the organization into a driving force for positive change, with a focus on community-driven solutions.

Greg’s leadership is exemplified by his holistic approach to international development. Beyond identifying challenges, he envisions opportunities for growth, recognizing that true empowerment lies in collaboration and shared purpose. Under his guidance, Cultiva International has become a catalyst for change, bridging cultures and igniting sustainable progress.

With an innate ability to cultivate partnerships, Greg has brought together diverse stakeholders, from local leaders to global influencers, united by a common goal: to create a world where every individual can thrive. His strategic mindset, coupled with a dedication to community well-being, has forged a path toward lasting transformation.

Greg’s leadership extends beyond the boardroom, as he remains deeply rooted in the communities he serves. His first hand engagement and ability to connect with people on a personal level have earned him not just respect, but genuine admiration.

Looking ahead, Greg envisions a world where innovation thrives in harmony with tradition, where communities are uplifted by their own strengths, and where sustainable progress is a birthright for all. With his dedication, Cultiva International stands poised to lead the charge toward this transformative vision.

We are honored to have Greg Jensen as a guiding force at Cultiva International. His ability to inspire, collaborate, and drive tangible change underscores the values that define our organization. Together we are committed to building a world defined by resilience, empowerment, and enduring impact.