Who Are Cultiva Ambassadors?

Cultiva Ambassadors are champions of ensuring that all people have the hope of a better life, food security, and the dignity of providing for their own family. Cultiva Ambassadors commit to annual fundraising goals for Cultiva and work with the Cultiva Team to establish goals for sharing the Cultiva Story. Ambassadors are also invited to an annual retreat in Guatemala. This is a great program for people of all ages, especially high school and college students building their resume and life experience.

When you apply to college, how will you differentiate yourself? How are your life experiences separating you from your peers? How will you stand out? By being a Cultiva Ambassador you become a force for good in this world. You will be alleviating human suffering. People who have previously suffered from chronic malnutrition and lived in chronic poverty will have nutritious food and the hope of a better life. Because of you. And because of these acts, you will stand out. You will have experience working with a team, making a case to raise funds, traveling to a different country and interacting with different cultures.

Whether you are applying for college for the first time, applying for graduate school, or trying to get your first job, people will look at you and know that you’re different. 

Why Be an Ambassador?

As a Cultiva Ambassador, you advocate the belief that sustainable impact happens when you understand the real need; therefore, you treat the cause and not just the symptom.

You promote the value of Effectiveness > Efficiency.

In North America and many developed Western Societies we place a high value on “efficiency,” but effective humanitarian work is often not efficient.

You educate about the difference between the words people in developed nations use to describe poverty vs the words people actually living in poverty use to describe poverty. This has to do with the difference between external poverty and internal poverty.

How we define poverty plays a major role in how we attempt to alleviate it.  Most people in developed countries define poverty as a lack of basic necessities. However, people from developing countries, who actually live in poverty, define it as shame, embarrassment, sadness, and hopelessness.

Well-meaning people who are trying to do good humanitarian work can often do more harm than good. Internal poverty has to do with a lack of hope — a lack of a belief that you have any power to improve your own life. When we give things away and create a cycle of dependence we reinforce that belief. But it feels good to give things away! When we give things away to people in need we get a hit of dopamine and feel all warm and fuzzy about how great a person we are! But our goal with humanitarian work should not be to make us feel good. We want to do meaningful work that empowers others and helps without hurting.

Click here to apply for the 21/22 session

What is the Process?


  1. Fill out the application form by Tuesday, September 15th. 
  2. If accepted, attend the virtual conference on Saturday, September 18th.
  3. You commit to raising $2500 for the annual Cultiva Ambassador Program and completing all Ambassador Requirements.
  4. You have your one-on-one mentoring call with the Cultiva Ambassador Program Director.
  5. You attend monthly Ambassador Conference Calls.
  6. You complete your goal of raising a minimum of $2500 and additional Ambassador requirements.
  7. You earn your Cultiva Ambassador Credentials.
  8. You are invited to Guatemala for the annual Cultiva Ambassador Retreat.

Does This Sound Like You?

You want to be a force for good in the world.

You understand that social media posts don’t change lives but real work does.

You don’t just like and share — you are a person of action. Not reels for Instagram but reels for life.

You want to help without hurting, and you want to make a lasting difference.

You want to build relationships with like-minded people who also want to change the world.

You want to learn and practice leadership skills.

You want to make connections with people in your community, around the country, and in Guatemala.

You want to be connected with other cultures. 

You understand that you are the sum of your life experiences and you want life experiences. 

You want to do something different than what your friends are doing because you understand where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in life. 

You want more than a badge you can share on social media or a line on your resume.

If this is you, you should be a Cultiva Ambassador!